Architectural Design Academy


Academy coursework is taught at the ARL.


This program will introduce the basic principles and methods of design as applied to architecture. Basic design theories and strategies related to the development of spatial concepts in architectural design, including composition, color, form, and relationship of elements will be applied in the development of 2-D and 3-D design projects. This course further emphasizes the architectural design process while relating these principles to general construction practices.

Recommended Electives

Students who would benefit from additional support for making career academic choices and preparing for college and employment should enroll in Career Research and Development I (CRD I) as early as possible. Students seeking postsecondary education are advised to take at least two years of World Language. Students seeking degrees in Architectural Design are also advised to enroll in Physics and Chemistry as science electives.


Architectural Design Academy students must take the Foundations of Technology course in the ninth grade. Students should be enrolled in Common Core Algebra I as a minimum level mathematics course in the 9th grade.

Successful Academy Students

  • Maintain a C average in all academy coursework.

  • Complete senior level coursework through a work-site experience (students must provide their own transportation) OR by participating in the on-campus (ARL) course of advanced skills, which includes a capstone project.


Shaded areas designate completer coursework.

  • Architectural Design 678M (11th, 2 periods)

  • Advanced Architectural Design 679M (12th, 3 periods)

College Credit

Students who successfully complete the Architectural Design Academy program sequence, with a grade of B or higher in academy courses, may be eligible for credits at Howard Community College.

Sample Career Options

< 4-year Degree

  • Building Codes Inspector

  • CADD Technician

  • Construction Manager

  • Drafter

  • Real Estate Manager

4-year Degree

  • Architect

  • Civil Engineer

  • Engineer (all types)

  • Land Surveyor

> 4-year Degree

  • Urban and Regional Planner

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