Biotechnology Academy


Junior and senior-level academy courses are taught at the ARL.


Biotechnology is the use of cells and molecular biology to manufacture products or solve scientific problems. Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing fields in today’s scientific community and is used by biologists, forensics scientists, and doctors.Biotechnology is laboratory and math intense, and requires critical thinking. The Biotechnology Academy gives students a solid academic foundation and necessary laboratory skills for future scientific pursuits. Students use modern laboratory equipment at the Applications and Research Laboratory to perform cutting edge experiments.

Recommended Electives

Students seeking a four-year postsecondary institution are advised to enroll in Advanced Placement Biology, Chemistry and advanced mathematics electives.


  • Biology


  • Chemistry

  • Algebra II

Successful Academy Students:

  • Maintain a C average in all academy coursework.
  • Complete a senior level coursework through a work-site experience (students must provide their own transportation) OR by participating in the on-campus (ARL) course of advanced skills, which includes a capstone project.


Shaded areas designate completer coursework.

  • Biotechnology I G/T 835M (11th, 2 periods)

  • Biotechnology II G/T 839M (12th, 3 periods)

Senior Level Coursework Requirements:

  • Complete at least 8–10 hours of work-site experience per week OR daily attendance at the Applications and Research Lab.

  • Attend weekly senior seminars at the Applications and Research Lab.

  • Choose a “real world” problem to research.

  • Write and submit a research proposal, abstract, and reflection paper based on research.

  • Maintain and submit a journal and portfolio of senior work.

College Credit

Students who successfully complete the Biotechnology Academy program sequence, with a grade of B or higher in academy courses, may be eligible for credits at The Community College of Baltimore (CCBC) or Montgomery Community College.

Sample Career Options

< 4-year Degree

  • Animal Technician

  • Bench Technician

  • Biotechnology Laboratory Assistant

  • Document Specialist

  • Medical Lab Technician

  • Process Engineer

  • Production Technician

  • Quality Control Specialist

  • Research Assistant

4-year Degree

  • Biochemist

  • Biomedical Engineer

  • Chemical Engineer

  • Laboratory Technician

  • Medical Technologist

  • Microbiologist

  • Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.

  • Quality Manager/Technician

  • Research Technician

  • Technical Writer

> 4-year Degree

  • Agricultural Bioengineer

  • Bioinformatics Analyst/Engineer

  • Biostatistician

  • Forensic Scientist

  • Geneticist

  • Medical Review Officer

  • Pharmacist

  • Physician

  • Plant Pathologist

  • Quality Control Director

  • Research Scientist

  • Veterinarian