Academy of Finance


Junior and senior-level academy courses are taught at the ARL.


Established in Howard County in 1999, the Academy of Finance (AOF) is a member program of the National Academy Foundation. The AOF introduces students to the broad career opportunities in the business and financial services industries and, in the process, equips them to make sound post-secondary and career choices. The AOF curriculum is a comprehensive, standards based sequence of courses addressing industry-specific knowledge and general workplace competencies. Academy students will have the opportunity to develop relationships with local business leaders and to apply their skills in an internship experience. Students will be paired with a business professional who will serve as a mentor throughout their junior and senior year.

Recommended Electives

Students planning to attend a four-year, postsecondary institution are advised to take at least two years of World Language.


  • Completion of Algebra I prior to enrollment in academy coursework.

Successful Academy Students

  • Maintain a C average in academy coursework.

  • Participate in job shadowing and student workshops.

  • Complete a semester internship during the spring of their senior year.

  • Successfully complete a pre-selected college-level course during their senior year.


  • Academy of Finance I G/T 566M (11th, 2 periods)

  • Academy of Finance II G/T 567M (12th, 3 periods)

Sample Career Options

< 4-year Degree

  • Accounts Clerk

  • Bank Teller

  • Brokerage Clerk

  • Collector

4-year Degree

  • Bank Branch Manager

  • Contract Underwriter

  • Financial Advisor

  • Financial or Budget Analyst

  • Loan Officer

  • Portfolio Administrator

  • Stockbroker

4-year Degree

  • Actuary

  • Campaign Manager

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief Operating Officer

  • Comptroller

  • Economist

  • Statistician