Student Internships

Thu, 09/10/2020 - 9:15am

Parents and Students,

As the ARL Internship/Community Liaison, I am committed to continually supporting student growth and development as well as their performance throughout our ARL Internship Program.

It is equally important to collaborate with all stakeholders including ARL teachers, students', parents, administration, and mentors. Communication is the key to supporting academic and technical growth at the designated internship site whether in the local community or remotely.

Additionally, I also work with post-secondary institutions, community colleges and universities, and government agencies within the surrounding areas.

I look forward to supporting your student(s) throughout this school year.


Anita Brown-Lee

p.s. If you are a local business person and believe you could host one of our students in an internship, please contact to learn more.

Anita Brown-Lee

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