CTE Honor Cords

Tue, 02/21/2023 - 8:23am

ARL/CTE Graduation Honor Cords 

All Applications & Research Lab (ARL) and HCPSS Career Technology Education students who have completed a Career Technology Education Academy/Program are entitled to wear the CTE Honor Cord at graduation. The ARL/CTE honor cord is Turquoise and White.

Below is the link that Jostens sent for ARL/Career Technology Education students to order their CTE honor cords for Graduation. CTE cords are “Turquoise and White.” The cost of the cord is $7.70 and must be ordered on-line. Cords will be sent in bulk directly to students’ home schools from Jostens and distributed to students prior to graduation. There will not be a mailing fee since the cords will be delivered directly to the home high schools. 

The website for ordering honor cords is now active. The deadline to order an honor cord is March 30th

CTE/ARL link: